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In conjunction with the exhibition OTTO NEUMANN: MODERN DEGENERATE, please join us for a reception and documentary film:

Between Insanity and Beauty - The Art Collection of Dr. Prinzhorn

Free but reservations are required - or 708-616-8671  Space is limited.

Dr. Hans Prinzhorn (1886 – 1933) was an art historian and psychiatrist who assembled one of the largest collection of artwork by schizophrenic patients. Prinzhorn’s studies and the Collection revolutionized the blinkered viewpoint of both the psychiatric establishment and the art world of the 1920‘s.   Artists, including Otto Neumann, Paul Klee, Jean Dubuffet, Alfred Kubin and Max Ernst were highly inspired by the so-called “art of the insane”.  Parts of the Prinzhorn Collection were included in the infamous “Degenerate Art” exhibition organized by the National Socialists.  Prinzhorn’s major publication, “Artistry of the Mentally Ill” (1922) was considered a “bible” by the Paris surrealists including Salvador Dali.  Pablo Picasso praised this singular collection.

This award-winning film follows the history of this unique collection and delves past the artwork itself and into the inner-worlds of the schizophrenic patients.