Leopold Segedin

1927, Chicago

With a career spanning more than 70 years, Leo Segedin is Rare Nest’s “senior artist” and indeed, is a beloved senior artist in the whole Chicago region.  Still painting every day at 90 years old, Leo is a prolific and visionary artist and community-builder.  Many of his works from the last 20 years contain auto-biographical elements and self-portraits (“I’m a cheap model”) in dual poses juxtaposing youth and honest age.  The dream-like settings of Leo’s work evoke vernacular Chicago architecture - streetscapes and train stations of Chicago’s west side from the 1930’s to the present.  Leo's serial works explore the complex emotional life behind childhood games, conflict around difference and ultimately the strength of the individual.  Segedin has mastered meticulous techniques, reminiscent of Flemish masters, in order to evoke the life of an outsider. Leo achieves supreme poetry in his work...

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