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Roland Barthes’s “Fragments d’un discours amoureux” (Eng.: "A Lover's Discourse") was published in Paris in 1977 by Editions du Seuil and was translated in an English edition in 1978.  The book comprises 80 chapters - or “fragments” - which deconstruct common concepts in the language of love.
In this important semiotic, linguistic analysis, Barthes draws upon references from literature, music, painting and philosophy.  The author sites Plato, Balzac, Goethe, Racine, Nietzsche, Brecht and many more, forming a tapestry of utterances – sublime and brutal – that illuminate the human experience.

In the spring of 2009, Keith Bringe conceived of a project that would interpret “A Lover’s Discourse” through 80 constructions – one for each chapter.  Each “fragment” is contained within a vintage French wine crate that forms an environment for an assemblage of drawings, paintings, found objects, photographs and more. Labeled with chapter headings in French and English, the individual fragments form a text of their own through configurations ranging from towers to traditional wall-hung series.  The collection is meant to be tailored to the environment in which it is shown.

The Illustrated Lover's Discourse Exhibition will be complimented by special events and programs including a new multi-channel sound installation by Ed Herrmann, as well as discussions and readings.  

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